2010 and my car STILL WON’T FLY!

The Jetsons and everyone associated with that show are liars. So is (or was) Stanley Kubrick, although not in relation to flying cars but about the whole Pan Am space taxi thing. When I was around 10 I looked to the dawn of a new century for flying cars, not world peace, although at this point I’d gladly settle for the later. I just knew, certainly by 2010, that we would go to the garage, unplug our beautiful space-aged machine from the wall unit fed by solar panels on our roof, fire up the 4.1 jigawatt super hepcat nuclear fusion powertrain, and lift off with the noise equivalent of a mouse flossing its teeth. Then we’d take off as the crow flies to any place we want at up to 3xs the speed of sound with no Gs and cars smart enough to miss each other in the process. True, a bold and slightly ostentatious vision. But some where along the way all our priorities got out of whack because I see a gasoline powered, hail-damaged, earthbound, egg-shaped weenie machine sitting in my driveway, and it makes me sad.  Oh, what could have been. That we have all wasted the equivalent of years driving at subsonic speeds, weaving around roadways, waiting at traffic lights, all while passing the boredom by Twittering from our virtual iPhones in our virtual cars (flying ones, mind you) from Second Life while eating a Taco Supreme and changing CDs, is almost as disheartening as the 2009 decision by Spandau Ballet to regroup.

At least the person in this YouTube video had the guts to strap a rocket to their (I think) Mercury Marquis and push the limits way back in 19-something, although from the looks of the body parts exiting the vehicle upon reaching takeoff speed, the preflight thinking did not include what would happen once they left the ground.

I only hope that bold minds like the one behind this grand experiment someday join forces with those who know something about aerodynamics and structural engineering so that we may all begin flying to the grocery store in the manner we were meant to.

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